John McNeil Studio
A studio focused on building brands through the power of creative solutions and quality execution. We believe that everything is a chance to build a brand, so we don't limit ourselves to more traditional forms of marketing communications.
720 Channing Way
Berkeley, California
Telephone: (510) 526 7100
Fax: (510) 526 7105
, E-mail: info(at),

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The end-to-end repositioning and rebrand of the long standing leader in data analytics.
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Bringing a collection of products to market with a unified voice and brand design.
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Transforming a project management tool into a platform for organizational achievement.
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What we’re doing:


What we aren’t:

  • Finding ourselves.
    We know our role, why companies hire us and what the value of our work is to the brands we serve. Everything else (name your agency cliché) is just static in the system.
  • Gilding the lily.
    We see the forest for the trees (recognizing of course, that it’s the trees that make the forest). We are meticulous and proud of the work, but aren’t precious in our point of view. Details count but not at the expense of the big picture.
  • Outsourcing.
    We think like an agency but work like a production company. Every idea, every campaign, every digital experience is always produced in-house, soup to nuts.
  • Hiding under layers.
    Most of us left big agencies for a reason. The studio is built to be nimble but scalable. We believe more in producing than we do in needless meetings. The results show in the volume, quality and effectiveness of our work.
  • Complaining.
    We employ strong thinkers with great creative talents, but the bargain we strike by being independent and lean is a layer-free connection with the brands we serve. Our creatives work closely with the marketers who hire us, ensuring they understand the business need and constantly collaborate with the folks other agencies call “clients.”
  • Standing still.
    We don’t long for the simplicity of the past. We embrace the present, where new technologies, social networks and mobile apps merge with compelling ideas and creativity. Push things forward—that’s the mission.
  • Begging for more process.
    We’re not on rails. The way we work, our process so to speak, is built for improvisation, nimble thinking and invention. We’re always on time but, also, we’re built for always trying new things.