John McNeil Studio

Destination Peloton

Taking the Peloton lifestyle from an in-home staple to an elevated hospitality must-have


Peloton needs very little introduction as the popular, in-home, fitness and wellness brand. They’ve cemented their place in our culture as the inclusive, go-to fitness platform for millions of loyal members all over the world. Building on brand legacy, they’ve set out to revolutionize how users blend travel and wellness at hotels and resorts worldwide.

After a successful corporate wellness campaign, JMS and Peloton partnered up again to launch “Destination Peloton”—an initiative to extend the brand’s footprint into hospitality and wellness tourism. Developing this campaign centered around one question: how do we invite hotel decision-makers to add the Peloton experience to their properties?

We started, as always, with a strategic deep-dive. As we delved into the world of wellness tourism and the Peloton community, we arrived at one key insight: Peloton members not only prioritize their fitness goals, but also stick to routines when they travel. With that in mind, we developed the creative concept of “Travel Everywhere. Train Anywhere.”. This crossover of fitness and travel incentivizes hotels to add Peloton to their property to directly connect with millions of travel-hungry Peloton users worldwide, blending exploration and exercise under one roof.

Campaign creation
Motion graphics
Digital production
Film & video production

JMS partnered with Peloton on photography and video shoots across 5 different locations: San Francisco and Gualala (California), New York City (New York), Vail (Colorado), and Waikiki (Hawaii). In total, we produced 50 retouched images, 5 LinkedIn posts, a :30s video, and B-roll footage.