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CVS Health’s “Healthy Conversations,” Finalist for Creative Floor Healthcare Awards

When CVS Health tapped JMS to innovate new ways of sharing critical health information and stories from the COVID-19 pandemic, both teams were energized by the prospect of reaching an audience of healthcare providers in a time of crisis.

The resulting project, “Healthy Conversations,” is a first-of-its-kind, video-led content series aimed to promote an open dialogue centered on health insights and developments throughout the pandemic. The video component of the project allows for data to be highlighted in dynamic, digestible formats, while the podcast gives way to in-depth conversations among leading health experts. Additionally, a variety of social media content supports each narrative.

“Our goal was to reach a particularly time-crunched audience: healthcare providers,” explains Strategy Director, Sarah Jessee. “With so much COVID coverage out there, we found a disconnect between healthcare coverage that delivers the hard-hitting data providers want, and the human elements that make for a great story. We saw an opportunity for CVS Health to marry the two by utilizing proprietary data points from CVS's wealth of in-depth healthcare research.”

“Healthy Conversations” was launched in August 2020, and after just five months achieved an 18% engagement rate as well as a 92.8% video view rate and 19.5M+ total impressions.

View the project website here.