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Every three months, we invite a new artist to interpret the possibilities of a singular 250 square foot wall in our studio, according to their creative practice.

This site is an archive of the continuing transformations of the space, and an introduction to the people who catalyze this process.

The project was realized in 2015 when our first featured artist, Jessica Eastburn, shared a piece for Limited Edition’s inaugural show. An exploration in what the artist calls “comics and cacophony,” the work is dynamic and full of movement and emotion. Since then, JMS has featured photography, sculpture, neon artwork, textiles, collage, and much more.

Each quarter celebrates a different point of view, and enlivens the JMS space with the constant reminder that art can shape our days and offer endless inspiration when we choose to make a steady space for it in our lives, and our work.

View more on the Limited Edition website.