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This Week's Topic: Gifting

With Thanksgiving kicking off our 2022 holiday season, the retail mania synonymous with December has officially begun. While some brands and customers may still value the idealistic image of winter in-store shopping with a dozen bags in tow, the reality is this: retail has changed, with many brands and consumers alike shifting their perspective on what it means to give and receive in our long-ingrained culture of mandated consumption. The JMS Strategy team recently discussed trends in holiday giving – and some new ways of thinking about the whole enterprise, too.


In the past few years, there’s been an uptick in brands defying the very nature of Black Friday. From REI committing to always close their doors on Black Friday to Google redirecting focus towards #BlackOwnedFriday, more and more companies are proving there’s more to their mission than just their bottom line. On an individual consumer basis, people are finding unique ways to cut through the clutter of consumption.

“The retail model is that everyone does their shopping in the last month and a half of the year, even though we push Christmas starting in October.”

– Hannah Barr-DiChiara, Director of Communications and Culture

“What's feeding this retail monster is how closely tied the idea of identity is to gift giving. You’re not only getting something for a person you care for, but you’re also validating yourself in your ability to know and understand someone, to recognize their wants and needs so clearly.”

– Sarah Jessee, Strategy Director, Editorial Content

“That saying ‘it’s the thought that counts,’ is not very relevant in practice. It’s actually the quality of the thought that matters. What’s most meaningful is to find a way into gift giving beyond the pervasive social pressure to participate in this transactional experience. When people slow down and approach it differently, that frenzy mindset starts to shift.”

– Isabella Welch, Copywriter


To challenge the status quo of extravagant gift giving, the trend in giving “experiences” instead of traditional items has steadily grown. From things like pottery classes to kayaking trips, spa days to concert tickets, the landscape of “experiences” is rich and infinitely more personal. The question remains: how can the action of giving an experience be as anticipatory and exhilarating as unwrapping a present?

“Ever since the beginning of Covid, people have been investing in their spaces, but now it seems to be going to experiences.”

– Sarah Jessee, Strategy Director, Editorial Content

“It comes from a beautiful place, people want to get nice things for the people they love. My family’s thing is, we all have to get experiences for one another, and we do whatever the experience is, all together. Everyone knows how to market a product, that’s clear. So even though people may value experiences over products, the actual market around how we buy experiences, how we sell experiences, how we advertise experiences is still pretty undeveloped.”

– Laura Ogle, Senior Strategist, Innovations

I don’t see any ads for genuinely unique experience-based gifts, it’s almost like brands haven’t found a way to market them. I feel like they aren’t doing a great job publicizing the fact that they exist, and the ones I see most commonly are too expensive or don’t seem to target the individual most likely to enjoy the experience.”

– Claudia Isbell, Junior Strategist

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