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Transformation takes a lot more than an ad campaign.

That’s why we’re always thinking about and making
 a million things at once. Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to.

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JMS Blog
Greenwashing Gotchas

Suspect your favorite brands are greenwashing? Here’s how to spot a company that is only giving lip service to their sustainability efforts....

JMS Blog
Content Culture: The State of Podcasting

Strategy Sessions unpack a topic of interest discussed within the JMS strategy team. From business trends to personal passions and everything in between, these conversations spark innovation and help us find new ways of thinking....

JMS Blog
Let’s all stop pretending that B2B should play by a different set of rules.

Three lessons from this year’s Cannes Lions winners. ...

JMS at 13

At some point in our history at JMS, someone wrote a headline for one of our clients. (Not a particularly spectacular opening line, I know, but bear with me for a paragraph, or two.) The brief was to recast a 30-year-old global technology brand as a vital...

JMS Blog
Meet Limited Edition

Every three months, we invite a new artist to interpret the possibilities of a singular 250 square foot wall in our studio, according to their creative practice....

JMS Editorial
From Scapegoat to Saving Grace

While perhaps we can all agree that a community is a group of supportive people assembled in a specific space, the logistics, geography, and manifestations of said groups have drastically changed in the technology age. ...

JMS Editorial
The Case Against Content

It’s an unavoidable truth: we live in an age of continuous content. ...

John McNeil on Creativity, Leadership, and the Power of Advertising

JMS Founder and Chief Creative Officer, John McNeil, shares his journey into the world of marketing and advertising, from his first job in the art studio at Hill Holiday to future leadership roles at Ogilvy, McCann, and now his own studio. With podcast ho...

John McNeil Studio Expands Strategy Offering

To further John McNeil Studio’s mission of delivering dynamic, innovative solutions to our clients, the studio has expanded its strategy offering. Our unique model encompasses the values of our studio—consistently putting creativity and brand at the cente...

JMS Blog
The Fight to Save Democracy (and the USPS)


JMS Blog
Healthy Conversations

CVS Health’s “Healthy Conversations,” Finalist for Creative Floor Healthcare Awards...