John McNeil Studio

Smartsheet Power Your Process Campaign

Showing project managers the power of process.


From its start, Smartsheet has been the go-to software for project managers. So much so, that a rash of challengers entered the market to steal market share. We partnered with them to create a campaign that reminded the world of Smartsheet’s unique flexibility in building processes — the scheduling, resourcing, and workflows that bring people together, get them working and ensure they achieve results.

Under the theme of ‘Power Your Process’, the campaign explores what happens in the absence of good process, taking us on an entertaining tour through the place where ideas go to die—a giant warehouse of failed projects, due to the lack of the right processes built in Smartsheet. The spot is complemented by a series of videos for YouTube, Instagram Stories and Reels, as well as audio and static ads unified by a consistent creative theme. We also developed an engaging interactive quiz that tied into the product campaign by revealing each person’s strengths or “powers of process".

Campaign creation
Motion graphics
Digital production
Film & video production

Warehouse Video

While developing our narrative for this campaign we asked ourselves, what’s the opposite side of “power your process”? What happens to ideas that aren’t empowered? The Warehouse Video we developed for YouTube and Hulu audiences imagined the catacombs of failed ideas — those who didn’t leverage capabilities that keep goals on track.