John McNeil Studio


Leveraging the power of community to reimagine Tennessee Valley Authority as a timeless brand with a big future.


Congress founded TVA in 1933, aiming to harness the potential of the rich resources in the Tennessee Valley region to improve the lives of the people who call it home. For the past nine decades, the organization has worked to do just that. When TVA turned to JMS for support with their new brand positioning, we strategized ways to recast TVA’s long-standing values in a modern context. We took a local approach, immersing ourselves in TVA’s story by working closely with team members as well as the people of the valley.

Through these valuable insights, we created an interactive experience for TVA, titled “The Valley Voices.”  Other key assets included a reimagined website, event content, and local tactical creative campaigns that helped TVA show up in a vital way to local constituents.

Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Campaign Creation
Film & Video Production
Web Development