John McNeil Studio

Erica Tanov Brand

Revitalizing a luxury brand to tell a story beyond clothes.


In 2020, beloved designer Erica Tanov tasked JMS with rethinking her brand’s approach to garner more meaningful online engagement. With the pandemic raging on and face-to-face retail environments indefinitely put on hold, JMS worked on imparting the Erica Tanov message to customers through different means. To do so, we focused our messaging around the concept of a connected thread within the Erica Tanov community–one that embodies the inspired, livable, curated sense of luxury each of her products possess.

By undergoing a deep market research and ethnographic study into the space, constructing personas, carefully selecting images, revitalizing the website and online store, JMS helped Erica Tanov push brand awareness through new channels, and tell a compelling story–one robust enough to ground a community of everyday luxury seekers.

Research & Insights
Brand Transformation
Brand Identity
Campaign Creation